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Please visit our monthly meetings — you don’t need to be a member to attend.

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  • Reduced cost for special events
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Do I need to be a master knitter to attend WCKG meetings, or to become a member?

Absolutely not! Our meetings are open to the public — especially to those interested in learning more about knitting, and gaining new knitting skills.

Are beginners welcome?

Yes! Definitely!

Can you help me with my knitting?

If you ask our meeting greeter, we can almost always find someone to help you – if not; we can help guide you to some excellent online resources. Please don’t be afraid to ask, we have all been stuck at some point! Also, please look at our upcoming workshops – we may have a class that will be just what you are looking for!

What’s the difference between a Stitch n Bitch and the Windy City Knitting Guild?

Our guild has an educational focus, and we have a specific mission; we are a membership organization which encourages and fosters knitting and knitting education in the Chicago area. That doesn’t mean we don’t have fun!
A SnB has more of a social focus, and often beer, wine, coffee or tea, too.
The good news? You don’t have to be monogamous. You can go to both a SnB and WCKG.

Can I show my knitting, even if it’s not perfect?

Yes! We love to see what everyone has made, especially since completing any project is quite an accomplishment.

What are the requirements of being a member?

Just pay your dues and play nice with the other knitters.

Do I have to join if I go to the meetings? Do I have to attend all the meetings if I join?

No, our meetings are open to the public. Our membership has benefits, some local yarn shops offer our members a 10% discount on yarn (check with each individual store for their specific policies), a discount on WCKG sponsored workshops and events, and our wonderful newsletter featuring articles about local news and some great book reviews and more!

We do not take attendance, attend the meetings as you like.

Do I have to pursue a “Master Knitter Program” through the TKGA once I become a member?

Absolutely not! If you would like to do so, we would love to hear about it, though! It is an incredible experience and everyone we know who has done it has learned so much from each level.

What are you people talking about? I only make scarves!

It’s time to broaden your horizons, or not. It’s up to you, but we’d love to see your scarves.

When and where do you meet?

We meet the third Tuesday of each month from 6:45 pm- 8:55 pm.  Meetings are held at:

Sulzer Regional Library
4455 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625
(312) 744-7616
(773) 728-2062 (TTY)

Our meeting schedule is: Refreshments, Meeting and Greeting, Guild Business, a program/mini class, and Show & Share.

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